Monday, July 25, 2005

Iran making bomb, says N-watchdog

The Wisconsin Project, a nuclear watchdog group, has said that Iran’s actual nuclear conduct suggests that it wants to “generate more than kilowatts” of energy and that the direction of its programme points to bomb acquisition.

The group’s ‘Iran Watch bulletin’ for June-July likens Iran’s conduct to that of Iraq before the 1991 Gulf War. Both countries conducted secret nuclear experiments and both relied on clandestine imports and on cover-ups. Iran and Iraq, according to this analysis, both secretly produced small amounts of plutonium and enriched uranium, the two materials that fuel nuclear bombs. To make plutonium, Iranian and Iraqi scientists used small reactors that their countries had imported under the “guise” of peaceful nuclear research. To make enriched uranium, both countries ran high-speed gas centrifuges and also experimented with lasers. In 1991, Iran imported uranium compounds from China, including over a ton of uranium hexafluoride gas. The gas was secretly enriched in centrifuges, whose designs and parts were also imported surreptitiously. Just before the Gulf War, Iraq also succeeded in testing its own centrifuges, based on designs and components illicitly procured from Germany, using material secretly imported from Niger and Brazil.

According to the Wisconsin Project, both countries went to considerable lengths to conceal their activities, once the scope of their programmes came to light. In May 2003, Iran dismantled and moved laser enrichment equipment from its secret pilot plant at Lashkhar Ab’ad to an undeclared storage facility. Iran also made considerable modifications to the Kalaye Electric Company workshop, and its previously unknown centrifuge enrichment facility in Tehran that is believed to have been involved in undeclared nuclear activities, before international inspectors came to take environmental samples. “After considering the pattern established by Iraq and followed – almost to the letter – by Iran, it is hard to miss where Iran’s programme is headed,” the group concludes.

Tehran’s nuclear point man Hassan Rowhani makes startling admission

- In past 21months we achieved brilliant results in technical, legal, political, propaganda and national security spheres
- We alleviated many shortcomings, did not suspend Isfahan project at all, started it up industrially and produced several tons of UF6. We did not suspend work in Arak and today we have significant number of centrifuges ready for use
- The nuclear crisis began in August 2002 because of Mojahedin actions
- Fuel cycle is a red line, upon which regime leaders and experts agree
- NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee Chair: Two-year talks only helped mullahs inch closer to nuclear bomb. EU-3 must abandon the talks immediately, refer Iran’s nuclear file to the Security Council.

In an interview with the Supreme Leader’s mouthpiece, daily Kayhan, Hassan Rowhani, Secretary for the Supreme National Security Council and Tehran’s nuclear point man in talks with the European Union, acknowledged that the most important benefit of talks with the EU-3 was to buy time to complete the nuclear projects. He said, “In the past 21 months, the Islamic Republic has achieved brilliant results in technical, legal, political, propaganda and national security spheres.”

Iran opens garrison to recruit suicide bombers against West

A military garrison has been opened in Iran to recruit and train volunteers for “martyrdom-seeking operations”, according to the garrison’s commander, Mohammad-Reza Jaafari.

Jaafari, a senior officer in the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), told a hard-line weekly close to Iran’s ultra-conservative President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the new “Lovers of Martyrdom Garrison” (Gharargahe Asheghane Shahadat, in Persian) would recruit individuals willing to carry out suicide operations against Western targets.

Rights group censures Iran for execution of minors

The human rights group Amnesty International today urged the Iranian government to put a halt to the execution of minors and individuals sentenced to death for crimes they committed as children.

The international rights group pointed to the execution of three such youths in the Islamic Republic in the past week despite the country being a signatory to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which stipulate that individuals who committed offences while below the age of 18 should be spared from the death penalty.

In its statement, Amnesty International said, “So far this year, Iran has executed at least four persons for crimes committed when they were children including one who is still a child. Amnesty International has recorded 42 executions so far in 2005, but the true number could well be higher”.

“On 19 July 2005, an 18-year-old, identified only as A. M. and a minor, Mahmoud A, were publicly hanged in the north-eastern city of Mashhad. According to reports, they were convicted of sexual assault on a 13-year-old boy and had been detained 14 months ago. Prior to their execution, the two were also given 228 lashes each for drinking, disturbing the peace and theft”, Amnesty International stated.

In London, the war against Iran has started

His name was Jack. Or Robert. Or Hassan. He was against the war and he hated Bush & Blair. Just as many Londoners who were going to work on that Thursday morning. But he didn?t know that this was going to be the last trip he ever took.

A majority of Londoners is against the occupation of Iraq and Londoners had voted in an anti-war mayor. Many of the other victims, misled by their own domestic media, simply did not understand the economic nature of the Iraqi war.

To defend the memory of these victims means to condemn the barbaric act committed in London. Because Blair and Bush are going to try to use these deaths as a pretext for further attacks and inflicting more suffering. Here and there. On the same day, Bush theatened Iran.

Victims of terrorism? Yes. But especially of State terrorism. It is the terrorism of the strongest, those who, in order to remain the strongest, bomb and torture other peoples. Whose only fault lies in the fact that they want to remain the masters of their own soil, their own lives, and the future of their children.

Iran to resume uranium enrichment on August 1

Iran will resume uranium enrichment activities in the uranium conversion facilities near the central city of Isfahan on August 1, the country’s semi-official daily, Jomhouri Islami, wrote in its Thursday editorial.

“Iran’s unambiguous message to Britain, Germany and France in the talks that were conducted [in London] yesterday was that at the end of the deadline on August 1, Iran will resume enrichment activities in the UCF plant in Isfahan, and that nothing will be able to delay this action”, the daily, which is close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, its founder and first publisher, wrote.

“The Iranian people expect the authorities and the state to remain committed to this decision carry it through. Let there be no more procrastination by the Europeans in a bid to compel our officials to review their decision to resume enrichment”, Jomhouri Islami’s editorial added.