Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Woman sentenced to stoning, man to execution

An Iranian woman was sentenced yesterday to death by stoning in Tehran, according to a state-run daily.

The young woman, only identified by her first name Fatemeh, 25 years old, was given two death sentences, for murder and having an affair.

The Etemaad daily reported that a Tehran court found Fatemeh guilty of strangling to death a 22-year-old neighbour, whom she allegedly also had an affair with. The court also sentenced her husband to prison time for taking part in the murder.

The first death sentence was issued for the murder, while the stoning to death sentence was issued for the alleged affair.

Iran nuclear talks: It's time to shut up

The nuclear talks between Iran and the so-called European three (EU-3 - Britain, France, and Germany) are due to resume May 23 in a crisis atmosphere filled with accusations and counter-accusations, with each side blaming the other for not sticking to the terms of their agreement signed in Paris last November.

Described as a "last ditch" effort to salvage the nearly two-year-old talks once characterized as a "landmark" in European diplomacy, Iran-EU-3 diplomacy has by all indications reached a critical threshold where it may actually be in the interests of both sides to discontinue it, at least within the present framework, or more accurately, lack of framework.