Monday, May 16, 2005

Annan warns U.S. on Iran

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned the Bush administration that the Security Council might deadlock if asked to punish Iran for its nuclear program.

The United States and Britain have called for Iran to be brought before the Security Council if it carries out threats to resume efforts to make nuclear fuel. The United States and Britain believe the fuel could be used for bombs, while Iran contends that it is to generate power. China and Russia, which have strong economic ties to Iran, might veto any push to sanction Iran, Annan suggested in interviews with USA Today.

Military is Positioning to Ban Democracy and Clergy

“This is one of the crucial elections in the post revolution history. Military wants to dismiss clergy, while internal and global trends are in favor of freedom and establishment of democracy. It is remained to be seen if reason will prevail or self-righteousness.” Correspondent Issa Saharkhiz, chief editor of banned Aftab newspaper and ex-representative of newspaper managers in the Board of Newspaper Supervision, discusses his point of views on presidential election.