Friday, April 29, 2005

Analysis: How could Iran vote be like?

Iranians will go to the polls in June -- for the ninth time since the establishment of the Islamic Republic 26 years ago -- amidst widespread speculation that, due to voter apathy and disenchantment, the right wing may win the presidency by default. This would be a repeat of their success in general elections last year and local elections one year earlier.

U.S., Others Haggle Over Nuclear Agenda

With just three days to go, nuclear-armed and non-nuclear states were still searching for agreement Friday on an agenda for a critical conference to reassess the "eroding'' Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Zero-Sum Game on the Caspian

A possible deployment of American troops to Azerbaijan has been a topic of contention for years, not only between Baku and Moscow, but also between Russia and the United States.

Shias 'infiltrated by Iran' to control Iraqi police force

Control of Iraq's police force was handed to a Shia Arab party with historic links to Iran yesterday despite warnings by American intelligence that Iranian agents have infiltrated the group's paramilitary wing.

Thai PTTEP To Sign Deal For Iran Oil Exploration Proj

Thailand's PTT Exploration & Production PCL (PTTEP.TH) said its unit will sign an agreement with National Iranian Oil Co. Saturday for a petroleum exploration and development project in Iran's Saveh block.

Impressive Iran's Bundesliga Connection

If its current impressive form continues, Iran's national soccer team should feature at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. For a number of the players it will be like playing at home after another season in the Bundesliga.

Former president: Iran not looking for nuclear arms

Tehran's Friday Prayer Substitute Leader Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said abduction of some 2,500 children per day in the United States of America indicates to what extent the American citizens suffer insecurity in their country.

UK plays down EU-Iran nuclear meeting in London

The British government played down hopes of any major breakthrough at Friday's steering committee meeting, which is reviewing the ongoing EU talks to reach long-term arrangements on Iran's nuclear programme.

Israel claims Russia giving Iran WMD components

Israeli Vice Premier Ehud Olmert said on Thursday that Russia is selling Iran components that can be used to make non-conventional weapons.

Putin on defensive during Israel trip

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, making the first visit of a Kremlin leader to Israel, yesterday defended his arms sales to Syria and nuclear fuel agreements with Iran as no threat to Israel.

Bush Says Putin Cannot Trust Iran

At a prime time televised press conference Thursday President George W. Bush said that despite Moscow’s aid to the Iranian nuclear program he was certain Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin understood Iran could not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Throwing Horns in Iran

Heavy metal band Koht Mian has released its first album in Tehran, and the kids are eating it up.

Sale of 'bunker busters' seen as warning to Iran

An Israeli arms specialist suggested yesterday that the proposed sale by the U.S. to Israel of 100 bunker-busting bombs, announced in Washington this week, was intended primarily as a warning to Iran because Israel already produces such bombs.