Thursday, April 28, 2005

U.S. worried by crane sale to Iran

The U.S. State Department said Thursday it was concerned by reports a German firm had sold to Iran a crane that could be used to make missiles.

Ship en route to Iran tests WMD proliferation deal

A German crane on a ship to Iran is testing a US-led global agreement to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

Global competition for future energy supplies heats up

Soaring demand for crude oil in China, India and other developing nations has set off a scramble to secure future energy supplies that could undermine the economic and national security of the United States.

State Sponsors of Terrorism Block Efforts to Reduce Threats- U.S. Department Of State

Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria continue to maintain their ties to terrorism, while Libya and Sudan have shown significant cooperation against it, according to the State Department's annual international terrorism report.

Terror Convention In Iran

The group called the Committee for the Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign held a registration meeting recently in Iran's capital, Tehran. The group's aim is to boost its roll of volunteers willing to carry out suicide attacks in Israel and Iraq.

Iran, focal point in Spain's foreign diplomacy: El Pais

Spain's ruling Labor Party and that country's coalition People's Party have reached consensus with the other parties regarding launching an active foreign diplomacy, whose first phase includes visiting Iran.

Iran's Khatami declares UN chief a fascist

“Today’s world is suffering from the legitimising of fascism and I am astounded that the United Nation’s General Secretary is leading the way in this regard”, Mohammad Khatami, the Iranian regime’s president, said today.

Iran does not do enough to ease international concerns - Putin

Iran has not done enough to ease international concerns, President Vladimir Putin told a Thursday press conference in Jerusalem.

Iran warns of 'radical review' of EU nuclear talks if no progress

Iran warned Thursday that it could review its participation in negotiations with European states over its controverisal nuclear activities if there is no progress in the next round of talks.

Russia plans nuke fuel shipments to Iran mid-2005

The Russian nuclear fuel trader TVEL should start fuel shipments for a Moscow-built nuclear reactor in Iran six months before the unit becomes operational in early 2006, a senior company official said on Thursday.

Iran Says Will Restart Enrichment if Talks Fail

Iran threatened on Thursday to restart its uranium enrichment program if talks with European Union heavyweights France, Britain and Germany fail on Friday.

Aker Kvaerner awarded major development contract in Iran

Aker Kvaerner will be assisting the Iranian oil company POGC in developing parts of the world's largest gas field, South Pars.

Tax on value-added criticized

Head of Iran's Industries and Mines House here on Thursday criticized the Bill on Value-added Tax, which was ratified by the Majlis last week, calling it a 'non-expert and illogical move'.

Eleven arrested in LA-area in alleged opium ring

Eleven Iranian nationals were charged Wednesday for their alleged roles in an international opium ring, authorities said.