Wednesday, April 27, 2005

U.S. OKs bunker buster bombs for Israel

The Bush administration has authorized the sale of as many as 100 large bunker-buster bombs to Israel. One expert said the move should serve as a warning to Iranians with nuclear ambitions.

The West needs to understand Muslims

Political disputes and not religion, begat violence, says John Esposito, a widely respected American professor and author on the Islamic world, known for his moderate views on Islam.

British favor greater trade cooperation with mullahs of Iran

The visiting lord mayor of London expressed his country's keen support for a boost in bilateral economic cooperation, stressing that Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM) could help make this a reality.

Atomic Logic

The problem with multinational treaties is that they often need an enforcer. That's especially true of the 35-year-old Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which is up for a month-long review starting Monday.

Bill proposed to fight terrorism

In an effort to aid the fight against international terrorism, Rep. Pete Schneider (R-Slidell) filed a bill amendment for the 2005 legislative session that, if approved, will stop investments of state retirement system funds into terrorist-linked businesses.

Iran to export 50 light planes to Australia

Hamid Sabbaghi, the managing director of Iran’s Aviation Industries Company said on Wednesday that Iran would export 50 two-seat Ava-202 light planes to Australia since early October 2005.

Iran may reconsider decision on suspension of enrichment after London meeting: nuclear spokesman

Iran may revise its decision about continuing the suspension of its uranium enrichment program after the London meeting on April 29, the director of the foreign policy committee of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said on Wednesday.

Iran's police set for new crackdown on 'models'

Police in the Iranian capital are poised to launch a fresh crackdown targeting "models of corruption", or in other words poorly-veiled women, press reports said Wednesday.

Kish, the gate for foreign investment in Iran's capital market

Hussein Abdeh Tabrizi, the director general of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) said on Wednesday that Kish Stock Exchange is the gate for foreign investment in Iran’s capital market.

Iran to bid farewell to old English motorcar

MG Rovers are not the only British cars faced with oblivion: in Iran, the aged Hillman Hunter will soon roll off the production line for the very last time.

Iranian student to be jailed, flogged for demonstrating

An Iranian student detained for taking part in anti-regime demonstrations has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars and 76 lashes, his lawyer told the ISNA news agency Tuesday.

Pakistan - Iran gas line gets attentions

Local media on Wednesday quoted Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain, Maleeha Lodhi as saying that the proposed multi-billion dollar gas pipeline from Iran to India via Pakistan would promote peace in the region, besides economic benefits, IRNA reported

Iran steps up pressure on EU in nuke talks-diplomats

Iran is ratcheting up the pressure on EU giants France, Britain and Germany to accept its plan to join the world's nuclear club, European diplomats said on Wednesday.

Iran to re-open international airport

Iran has said it will re-open the country's flagship international airport almost one year after military vehicles took over the runway and shut it down on its first day in operation.