Monday, August 15, 2005

Moment of pride for Isfahan N-experts

The resumption of Iran’s uranium conversion work at its Isfahan plant brings to a end almost nine months of frustration for technicians and the country, despite the serious risks it brings to the Islamic Republic.

The diligence with which three technicians in white protective clothing sawed off the lid of the first uranium powder barrel and poured its contents into converters yesterday was only matched by the feverish agitation leading up to this moment.

“It is a historic day,” said Mohamed Saidi, the vice president of the Iran Atomic Energy Agency. “With the help of God the plant is back online today, just as the people wanted, who pushed the leaders to do this.”

Just like its ancient Persian empire, which had its capital in Isfahan, the majority of Iranians consider the country’s nuclear programme a source of national pride in the face of intense pressure from the international community.


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