Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ahwazi Arabs in Solidarity with Iran's Kurds

Ahwaz Arabs have backed Kurdish protests against the Iranian regime after dozens of Kurds were killed in uprisings in Mahabad, Baneh and Saqqez.

The Iranian security forces used heavy weapons, including helicopter-mounted machine guns, to kill Kurdish demonstrators during nearly a month of unrest.

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, a centre-left opposition group outlawed in Iran, has urged "international organisations, human-rights supporters and the international community to make efforts to stop the bloodshed of the Iranian Kurdish people by the Islamic republic regime of Iran".

The unrest in Iranian Kurdistan began in Mahabad after a Kurdish opposition activist Shivan Qaderi and two other Kurdish men were murdered in cold blood by Iranian forces on 9 July. The security forces then tied his body to a Toyata jeep and dragged him in the streets.


Anonymous said...

International sanction against Iran should be for the human right violation of minority such as Iranian Kurds, The EU3 and UN have been supporting this murderers for too Long. This man killed Dr Ghasemlu the head of Iran Kurdish Democratic Party. he should be hanged for his crime.

Sardar K.

Sat Aug 13, 01:47:00 AM +00:00  

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