Sunday, July 10, 2005

Iran should soon resume sensitive nuclear activities

Iran has managed to ease concerns that it is seeking nuclear weapons and therefore should soon resume sensitive enrichment activity.

"Previously there were many ambiguities in Iran's case, but today many of the ambiguities have been removed," Alaeddin Borujerdi, the head of the hardline Iranian parliament's foreign affairs commission, told the student news agency ISNA.

"Therefore, more than before, the conditions have now become prepared so that we can once again resume our activities under the (UN atomic energy) agency's regulations," Borujerdi said Sunday.

Borujerdi, a former deputy foreign minister and special envoy to Afghanistan, has been tipped as a possible foreign minister in the cabinet of hardline president-elect Mahmood Ahmadinejad, who takes office in August.

"The Islamic republic should make more effort to put an end to the voluntary suspension," he told ISNA.


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