Monday, July 25, 2005

In London, the war against Iran has started

His name was Jack. Or Robert. Or Hassan. He was against the war and he hated Bush & Blair. Just as many Londoners who were going to work on that Thursday morning. But he didn?t know that this was going to be the last trip he ever took.

A majority of Londoners is against the occupation of Iraq and Londoners had voted in an anti-war mayor. Many of the other victims, misled by their own domestic media, simply did not understand the economic nature of the Iraqi war.

To defend the memory of these victims means to condemn the barbaric act committed in London. Because Blair and Bush are going to try to use these deaths as a pretext for further attacks and inflicting more suffering. Here and there. On the same day, Bush theatened Iran.

Victims of terrorism? Yes. But especially of State terrorism. It is the terrorism of the strongest, those who, in order to remain the strongest, bomb and torture other peoples. Whose only fault lies in the fact that they want to remain the masters of their own soil, their own lives, and the future of their children.


Redneck said...

They should blow all those murderous sand niggers off the face of the earth.

Thu Aug 11, 03:29:00 AM +00:00  

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