Saturday, June 04, 2005

Boycott Iran's Sham Election by Reza Bayegan

In the ninth presidential election to be held in Iran on June 17, there is nothing new to be found in the depleted political stock of the Islamic Republic other than the usual poisonous diet of tyranny, backwardness and across-the-board bankruptcy.

Considering the actual, self-perpetuating center of power, it hardly matters who is declared the winner of this race. On the other hand, there can be no question about the real loser of this contest. While Iranians are suffering from chronic unemployment, poverty, brain drain, an ever-increasing number of street children, and widespread drug addiction, the nation's badly needed resources are squandered on yet another fake election. A strong consensus is emerging amongst Iranian political activists that boycotting this electoral travesty is the only honorable option left to citizens. Many prominent leaders of the Iranian opposition, including Reza Pahlavi, have invited their compatriots to stay away from the polls. Shunning the ballot box on Election Day could turn into a collective act of civil disobedience and a vote of no confidence against the whole regime.


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